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Luger in car What is a web ring? Very simply, a web ring consists of a group of web sites about a particular subject that is linked together for easy access in a ring configuration. You can move from site to site easily with just a click of the mouse until, eventually, you return to your starting point. There are web rings for many different and varied topics on the Internet.

This Ring is all about the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) world of the White Shepherd, also known as the white German Shepherd Dog!

If you'd like to read our Ring rules, click on the picture of "Luger," and let him be your chauffeur. When you're ready to join our Ring, just click on "Join the ring" in our custom Ring logo, below...

Crystal's Lil Pistol Von Tasz CD, FdM, HC, CGC, OFA (Luger) says: "Step right in and let me take you for a spin!"

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