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Welcome to the All-Setter Web Ring...
What is a web ring? Very simply, a web ring consists of a group of web sites about a particular subject that is linked together for easy access in a ring configuration. You can move from site to site easily with just a click of the mouse, until you eventually return to your starting point.

There are webrings for many different and varied topics on the Internet. This ring is all about the wonderful, sometimes wacky but always interesting world of the lovable Setter! Whether your particular cup of tea is flavored English, Irish, Gordon or Irish Red and White, there will be a web site here to interest you.

Step in, and you'll see why we say that life is better... with a setter!

  1. All web pages in this Ring must pertain to some aspect of life with one or more of the four setter breeds.

  2. Private kennel pages, setter club sites, sites about setter breed rescue organizations and web pages about your own, precious family companions are welcomed and encouraged. We also welcome all pages that discuss hunting with the setter breeds.

  3. Sites that promote commercial (for profit) kennels or irresponsible (backyard) breeders or breeding practices are expressly forbidden from this Ring and will be excluded!

  4. In general, commercial product web sites will not be considered appropriate for Ring membership.

  5. All pages in the ring MUST be acceptable for viewing by all age groups.

  6. The Ring owner *must* be able to read your site in order to determine eligibility. Therefore, all sites must be written in the English language or include an English translation of the site in order to qualify for Ring membership.

  7. All ring sites must display a working copy of the official Webring.org Ring Navigation Bar at all times.

  8. Acceptance to and continuing participation in this Ring is at the sole discretion of the Ring owner based upon site content, quality and other considerations. If your pages do not or cannot be made to follow the above rules, please do not go further.

  9. Failure to abide by these simple rules will force the immediate removal of the offending site from this Ring.

  • To join, go directly to the Ring Hub and click the "Join this Ring" button. Follow the simple directions. It takes only a few moments to join.

  • After completing the application process, you *may* be required to add the Ring Navigation Bar to your web site. Please see further information and instructions, below.

  • At this point, your page will be added to the Ring "queue" where it will remain until it is added to the Ring. Getting your page or site in the queue does not mean it has been added to the Ring and is not a guarantee that it will be added. The queue is merely a temporary holding area and is cleared automatically by Webring.org every thirty (30) days...

  • Webring.org will notify the Ring owner that your site has been submitted to the queue. The Ring owner will check each site within a few days of notification that the page has entered the queue. If the Ring Navigation Bar is installed properly and everything checks out, your site will be added to the Ring.

Since the whole point of a web ring is that all sites in the ring are connected to each other in a never-ending circle, we require that all sites MUST have properly working Ring Navigation Bars. We cannot have any pages or sites in our Ring without working navigation bars because without them, the entire Ring breaks and fails.


  1. First, decide whether you even need to install the graphic. If your site is already a member of another Webring.org ring, you will not need to install anything else! If this is the first ring you are joining, then you will need to do the install. Determine where to place the Ring Navigation Bar. The bar should be placed somewhere on the first (main) page of your website -- the one the URL at Webring.org will point directly to.

  2. If your site has different pages with different topics, you should place the ring graphic on the first page that deals with the setter breeds or topics.

  3. As a general rule of thumb, web rings do not work well with sites that utilize frames unless the ring graphic is placed on the main or first page of the frame.

  4. DO NOT BURY THE GRAPHIC on a separate "Links" page. The graphic should be plainly visible to all who enter your site. This will enable people to browse easily from one site to the next within the Ring. If you MUST use a separate "webrings" page, please provide a link from that page to your main site entry and back again!

  5. If  the Ring owner cannot get your site to work reasonably well, you will be asked to move or reinstall the graphic or your page will be removed from the Ring.

  6. PLEASE NOTE: Webring.org must always be able to find and access the correct navigation script on your site in order to remain a member of this Ring. If you move, remove or tamper with the navigation bar in any way or if you turn off Javascript, your site will be removed from this Ring.

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