Joining the AWSA Club

If you agree with the argument that the White Shepherd should be separated from the German Shepherd Dog breed and established as a separate breed, then we heartily encourage you to join our Club! You need not own a White Shepherd in order to join. You must sign and agree to uphold the Club Constitution and Code of Ethics as a condition of your membership in AWSA. We are now offering everyone the chance to download the Club Application for Membership, as well as our show entry forms. Note: These forms are .pdf-format files and you need a special program to download and view them. Don't have a reader? You're in luck! Click on the icon below to download the Adobe Acrobat reader. It's absolutely FREE!!!

Click here to download:

AWSA Conscode - Membership Application and Code of Ethics

AWSA Individual Registration Application

AWSA Litter Registration Form

AWSA E.R.N. Application - Events Registration Number