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Welcome to AWSA's first home on the Internet. We are a group of American and Canadian White Shepherd fanciers who have come together in order to work for the complete separation of the White Shepherd from the German Shepherd Dog, as well as for its eventual recognition by AKC,  CKC and the rest of the world. We are the premier organization for the promotion and protection of the breed in the United States of America and the only White Shepherd club utilizing a mandatory Club Code of Ethics!

AWSA together with its sister club, the White Shepherd Club of Canada, are united in pursuit of the same goals and ideals. In addition, we extend a warm welcome and congratulions to the newest North American White Shepherd organization -- The United White Shepherd Club -- the breed Parent Club with the United Kennel Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan. All three Clubs are truly dedicated to the health, welfare and preservation of the great, White Shepherd breed. The future looks very bright!

We welcome your interest in our breed and in our Club and hope that you find this site useful and interesting. Please check back often and be sure to hit your "RELOAD" button. This site will be continually and regularly updated. Surf safely...

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